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I fly fish fishing related articles

I am fortunate that I have been given hints and tips on improving my fishing over the years I hope that by sharing these articles with you that you can gleam some knowledge and improve your own enjoyment of the sport.

The Big Fish

2015 was rather special for me in terms of my fishing. Being one of the lucky 8 anglers picked by the BBC to take part in their recent show 'The Big Fish' was the angling opportunity of a lifetime. Read More..............




Cuba 2012

After 2 years of careful planning and a few sleepless nights in anticipation of what lay ahead, it was finally time to head off on the first leg of our Salt Water Fly-fishing trip to the Queens Gardens (Jardines De La Reina) in Cuba. Read More.........






Unlocking the Loxley

Dr Clark Colman fishes the duo method on a little-known tributary of Yorkshire’s River Don, and finds some quality fish within its narrow urban confines….

The merest glance at our Ordnance Survey maps cannot fail to notice hundreds of small, frequently nameless rivers and streams criss-crossing the length and breadth of England.  To the uninformed, they often appear lifeless and - in the case of urban waters like the River Loxley, hidden away within the old industrial heartland of Sheffield - hardly likely to contain a head of wild fish. Read More..........






Back to the Future with Tenkara

Tenkara (which translates roughly as “from heaven falling” or “from the heavens”) is a traditional method of fly casting and fly fishing that is gathering a growing following in its native Japan – and is beginning to gain popularity in western countries too. Read More..........




Predator Fishing

Summer can be a difficult time for reservoir anglers, the hot humid weather means that trout are often not feeding during the hottest part of the day. Over the last 4 years I have resisted this temptation and have turned my attention to fish that I could catch. Read More...........





Fishing the Bung

Fishing the Bung
The bung, what is it? Well the bung has been around in one form or another for a number of years, river fisherman call it Duo or klink and dink. It is in fact a floating pattern that has the capacity to hook fish, as well as acting as an indicator to register a take. Read More.............




Photography for fishermen

I first read this on the fly fishing forum and by kind permission of Rob & Col I have added a link to the PDF file. Anyone who enjoys taking photographs of flies or fishing should read this. Read More............. (PDF File)